10 oct 2021 Moscow Protest action against unfair election system

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ynwalea (sa 5 månader sedan)

amazing shot, really powerfull. i really like it.


patty_t (sa 9 månader sedan)

very good!


paulalvesilva (sa 9 månader sedan)

What a powerfull picture. It would be really great if you could write a text about the actual political and social situation.


pablomm89 (sa 9 månader sedan)

nice shot!


marie-automne (sa 9 månader sedan)

This protest was held the day before the elections to the government of Moscow.


marie-automne (sa 9 månader sedan)

It was so-called "Day of Anger", when different people protested against economic, political and many other problems of the counrty. There were about 500 people of different age, social status and political angles.


jona (sa 9 månader sedan)

Wow. That picture shows power and emotion. It would be cool to get some more background about the demonstration.


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Photo: 'Poff'

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