In my work named "Europe: find your way & don't get lost" I tried to express my vision of the life in modern Europe. On this photography you can see my classmates, students of one of the schools in Riga. I have chosen them, because they are the part of my life, my school, my town, my country. They look so different, colorful and diverse as their lives are not similar. I am sure that these students as well as other students from different European countries will create the future of Europe. In the foreseeable future, perhaps one of them will become a doctor, a teacher, an artist or an architect, however they will form the new world.

Prosperity and success of every country depends on the skills, diligence, efforts and wishes of everyone who lives there. We are all different. Each of us has its own peculiarities, habits and disadvantages, but we all live on one planet and as a matter of fact are very similar. The same situation is with the European countries. They are unique and different, colorful, there is no certain pattern of life that could be summarized as the one European lifestyle, but geographical location, historical and cultural contacts unite all these countries.

In Europe everyone has many opportunities and resources. Everyone has a chance to find something appropriate. The main thing is to know what you are looking for and to go towards one's aim. Under such conditions many of us can get lost and only with a proper support we will be able to help the destitutes, everyone who has not find one’s course of life.

The youth on the photography hold pieces of red cardboard and make up a single whole, a united red line with its own begging, end and clear direction. This symbolizes a course of life of a person that sometimes cannot find the right way or the right turn. Pieces of cardboard also symbolize lives of different people. Moreover, when all parts are connected they symbolize the unity and mutual aid. In addition to this the end of the red line completes an arrow that points to an open door that symbolizes the unknown and unforeseen future.

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jona (sa 7 månader sedan)

Hey Vladimirs. I used your great photo for our new contest on!


Tino (sa mer än ett år sedan)



Glow (sa ungefär 2 år sedan)

Fantastic idea!


da_zany (sa mer än 2 år sedan)

ļoti interesanta ideja! :)


sTan (sa mer än 2 år sedan)

*hehe .... Geile Idee !!


*Misty* (sa ungefär 3 år sedan)

my favorite to win the contest :)


Vladimirs (sa ungefär 3 år sedan)

It is good to hear criticism :) But I cannot agree with you that this photo could be named "life in Latvia" or "life in Riga", because the place and nationality doesn't mean anything and young people are simmilar all around Europe. You don't have to pay attention to details(if I hadn't mentioned them, you wouldn't know them). Think wider and try to see symbols, not the real things and real people.


raducu (sa ungefär 3 år sedan)

I belive your photo, or better yet, your photo-montage(if that's the way it is said), could be more described by "life in Latvia", or better yet "life in Riga", therefore, by definition it would be the description on a particular place in europe, the life of some students in a school.
Don't get me wrong, but I understand what you said and more or less I agree with you. A very important part with what I don't agree is that I actually belive there is the posibility of capturing a moment that would be one of the most caracteristic thing about living in europe.
I guess in a way that's why we are here to find out.
My opinion: it's a nice concept, but it's not for this contest.
good luck


Vladimirs (sa mer än 3 år sedan)

nice to hear good comments:)


plabo (sa mer än 3 år sedan)

great idea man... i htink you can win too :)


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