Romersk glad flicka


Taget i Rumänien, maj 2008

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vanteson (sa 3 månader sedan)

WHAT are you talking about? how can you even say something like (quote): "You know nothing about how the others were treated because you don't care, right?"?!?!?! That's a personal attack! I have not answered you in a vulgar or narrowminded tone/text?! What are you talking about! You are seriously hurting me, throwing this crap up my face, PLEASE let tis be the end of this.


vanteson (sa 3 månader sedan)

please don't 'Dear' me. You can discuss, but please do it somewhere else, I'm not interested in a discussion where the topic is if my pictures where the right ones to win or not. i am not looking for admiration, I just simply here to show my work and participate in competitions. And you know nothing about all the pictures I have not taken, and these pictures you're discussing are both taken with a great deal of respect. This discussion is not vital for me as a photographer in any way. I know nothing about how the members of the contest were treated and still: It doesn't help me get forward as a photographer.


vanteson (sa 3 månader sedan)

could you guys just please duscuss this somewhere else? I love these pictures, not because I want tro show of poverty, but because I was there and had an amazing meeting with these kids, and these are amazing portraits of different faces of these children. Wjy do you discuss about if it should've won the competition or not? The competition is over, focus on something else! I hope you can still enjoy the pictures. Sure these kids are poor, but they were overwhelminly happy. poverty doesn't always means unhappiness.


tamarb (sa 3 månader sedan)

@Gad and Larke : The thematic of the pictures are quite connected to the topic of the contest which is mobility; I do think that the Rroms embody mobility issues inside the EU. The only thing missing is the "It's about you" part of the contest.
@Gad : I don't know if the contest was disapointing but the "after contest" is really interesting because of the debate it creates !


Larke (sa 3 månader sedan)

Could anyone tell me what is the relation between the topic of the contest ( from A to B) and the current pic? I agree that the pic is very impressive, but still can't understand its relation to the topic. I'm sorry but I have already seen many similar pictures of Romanies in my country and I CANNOT BE IMPRESSED by a true poverty and rubbish!!! :((((((


Keva (sa 4 månader sedan)

perfect picture!!


sTan (sa ungefär ett år sedan)

great moment :) ...


SaskiaHC (sa mer än ett år sedan)

Jättegullig! Busig unge :)


maallinh (sa mer än ett år sedan)

nämen vilken söt bild :D jätte fin!


Esso (sa mer än ett år sedan)

Jättefin bild, man blir glad av den :)


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